“Antiques Roadshow” making a pit stop in Knoxville

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Start scouring through your basements, attics and garages – “Antiques Roadshow” is coming to the Knoxville Convention Center on July 13! “Antiques Roadshow” is the highest rated television show on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), and this is the “Roadshow’s” first trip to Knoxville in its 18 years on the air.

Here at the Knoxville Convention Center, we’re ready to welcome antiques enthusiasts and guests from across the region. Knoxville has such a rich history and culture. I can’t wait to see the priceless artifacts the Roadshow will discover.

Wouldn’t it be nice to poke around your dusty old attic and find your retirement plan nestled deep in the far corner, long-since forgotten? It could happen at the “Antiques Roadshow!” Bring in your old chair, lamp, table or bauble that’s been cluttering up your storage space for years. You might leave a little wiser with the knowledge that you are a few thousand of dollars richer, although there is no selling at the event.

The 70 expert appraisers will start at 8 a.m. examining each guest’s treasures. Tickets are free and awarded in a random “lottery style” drawing. Ticket applications are available online now, but it’s important to note that there are no tickets available at the door. Go to PBS.org to fill out your application. If selected, you’ll get your tickets in an unmarked white envelope three weeks prior to the event.  The deadline for ticket applications is April 8, so make sure you apply before that date.

Before loading up the U-Haul with all your priceless family heirlooms, “Antiques Roadshow” has laid down some ground rules you should know:

  1. No onlookers! You must bring at least one item to be appraised, but not more than two. A collection may count as one item, but be prepared to have just one or two pieces of the collection evaluated.
  2. Supporting evidence (photos, legal documents, etc.) is allowed and does not count as an “item” for appraisal purposes. You have to bring the actual item. Pictures and papers don’t make for good television.
  3. You cannot buy or sell anything at the “Roadshow.” These are only verbal appraisals, but you may contact an appraiser after the show if you’re interested in selling a piece.
  4. If you need a firearm appraised check with Federal, State (Tennessee), and Local (City of Knoxville) law enforcement about applicable laws. All firearms must be unloaded and no ammunition is allowed at the event.
  5. There are some things that the “Roadshow” simply won’t appraise. That list includes vehicles, stamps, stock certificates, paper currency, coins, bicycles, tools, fossils, glass fire extinguishers, explosives or hazardous materials.
  6. Finally, and this is really more a piece of advice than a rule, dress comfortably and be prepared to wait. The appraisers at the event see an average of 600 people per hour – that’s one person every six seconds! Wear comfy shoes, but don’t dress-down too much. You may end up on national television

To apply for tickets, carefully read through the rules and apply online or via postcard. To apply via postcard, fill out a 3.5×5” to 4.25×6” card with your name and address and send to:

Knoxville ROADSHOW
P.O. Box 249

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