Knoxville Convention Center hosts ‘Prom of the Stars’ for physically, developmentally disabled

📅April 8th, 2016, 09:00

Approximately 1,140 adults with physical and cognitive disabilities and their caregivers will attend a “Prom of the Stars” at the Knoxville Convention Center on Saturday, April 9, from 5-8 p.m. The prom includes a catered dinner, prom picture, music and dancing.

Since 2003, Farragut Christian Church has organized the annual prom for adults with disabilities, ages 15 and older. The prom is free to participants and a guest and is supported by donations from church members and the community.

From 5-6 p.m., prom-goers will enjoy a catered sit-down dinner. From 6-8 p.m., participants hit the dance floor with music from a DJ and glow sticks and necklaces.

Prom dresses are available for loan at Farragut Christian Church. Nearly 100 church members and community volunteers help with every aspect of the prom, from altering and fitting the dresses and applying makeup to decorations and photography.