Millions to view Knoxville’s debut on Antiques Roadshow

Millions to view Knoxville’s debut on Antiques Roadshow

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On July 13, the Knoxville Convention Center will become a destination for 5-6,000 East Tennesseans looking to be part of PBS’ highest rated program, Antiques Roadshow.

In its 17 years on the air, this is the first time that the ten-time Emmy® Award nominated series has made the trip to Knoxville. At the Convention Center on Saturday, the Roadshow will record three, one-hour episodes to air during Season 18 in 2014. Nearly 10 million viewers tune in each week to Antiques Roadshow.

In April, more than 12,000 people applied for a pair of tickets to have their item appraised as part of Antiques Roadshow’s visit to Knoxville. 3,000 guests have received a pair of tickets in the mail and decided what favorite object they will be bringing with them for Saturday’s appraisal event. With Knoxville’s undeniably rich history and culture, I have no doubt that the Roadshow’s leading team of auctioneers and dealers will uncover some priceless gems.

The popular television program provides a great opportunity to show the nation both our facility and our region. In addition to the footage of appraisers and guests captured at the Knoxville Convention Center, the “Roadshow” plans to record field segments in and around the Knoxville area, highlighting both our city’s vibrant local history and its landmarks. On national television, the millions of viewers tuning in will be able to see such local treasures as the Museum of Appalachia in Clinton, Rhea County Courthouse in Dayton and the McClung Museum in Knoxville.

Antiques Roadshow airs on East Tennessee PBS Mondays at 8 p.m., so mark your calendars to tune in to Knoxville’s “Roadshow” debut in 2014.

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