We have a Hero in the House

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IMG_0534r-1024x768We have long considered our Executive Chef Chris Moore a hero here at the Knoxville Convention Center. It is no small feat to please so many palates on a regular basis.

Now Home Federal Bank has named him a community hero through their inaugural Hometown Heroes program. This program spotlights ordinary people who do extraordinary things for others and their community. And he certainly does.

One of the ways Chef Moore gives back to our community is the through the Abundant Life Kitchen culinary training program. Through this 16-week course taught here at the Center, Chef Moore gives those who were once homeless life skills and experience in food preparation that will help them find a permanent job and give them a hand up to self-sufficiency.

This program, which is part of Knox Area Rescue Ministries, has an incredible 75 percent success rate. I have seen first-hand the impact it has had on the lives of the students involved. More than simply an instructor, Chef Moore continues to advise and mentor his students long after the program ends. It is truly inspiring to see these individuals complete the program with a renewed sense of self and purpose in life.

Chef Moore is also a leader in the AWANA youth program and other ministries at First Baptist Church in Seymour. When he is not creating culinary delights here at the Convention Center, Chef Moore is helping others.

Chef Moore was presented with a Hometown Hero award and Home Federal Bank donated $2,500 in his honor to his favorite charity. He is pleased that the funds will help Knox Area Rescue Ministries purchase the materials necessary for the next Abundant Life Kitchen course.

I salute Home Federal Bank’s Hometown Heroes program for this opportunity to publicly recognize the everyday heroes among us.

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