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IEEE Advancing Technology for HumanityHave you noticed that restaurants are more crowded than usual this week? Monday night, people were lined up at every eatery on Market Square, according to several friends who were caught in the crowds. Other locals mentioned a noticeable increase in “engineer” traffic at restaurants in Bearden.

Area hotels are filling up as well. And here’s why.

Over 2,000 engineers and scientists from 40 different countries have come to the Knoxville Convention Center this week for an IEEE Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference. IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

The IEEE conference rotates around the world and we are, indeed, on the world circuit. The second meeting in the long history of this conference was held in Oak Ridge in 1955, and five years later it was held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Next year they will meet in Spain, and the following year in Korea.

The conference offers an outstanding opportunity for scientists and engineers actively working in the field, to meet and discuss ideas and solve real-world problems with colleagues from around the world. They are focused on medical imaging, including such diagnostic tools as PET scans and CAT scans.

When the General Chair welcomed attendees to Knoxville, he acknowledged that this area is home to many of the researchers, laboratories and commercial companies that have contributed significantly to advancements in these fields. He also complimented the Convention Center’s spacious, modern facility.

That is great news. That is our job. The Knoxville Convention Center was built as a fabulous facility to attract people and business to Knoxville. I see it working every day. Just this past year, we hosted 209 events with 247,503 attendees. We work hard to bring these types of high-quality conferences to town.

So if you run into some of our out-of-town guests, please welcome them. Show them that Southern Hospitality that keeps our visitors coming back. It is good for local business, and great for Knoxville.

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